Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kidrobot Black x Alex Pardee??????

 photo Pardee-kidrobotBlack.jpg
Spotted over at the Kidrobot Facebook page is this awesome looking photo that you see above of figure that appears to be the next Kidrobot Black figure... and from the looks of it, seems to be the work of Alex Pardee - more specifically - this figure looks to be Alex's “Theodore RooseFelt” character that he created back in 2009 for his 'Letters From Digested Children' show that took place at Upper Playground... friggen amazing!
 photo theodoreroosefelt-alexpardee-sanfran-spankystokes.jpg
From just the little teaser that we see above, the detail on this piece looks absolutely stunning, and is going to be a HUGE hit amongst vinyl collectors and Alex Pardee fans alike! There is no word on a release, or a price, but in true KR fashion, if they tease something like this... expect an official announcement very soon!