Saturday, December 15, 2012

Way of Spray's Supermannala… the Designer Toy Super Hero!

The Alsace, France-based Way of Spray have created Supermannala (which roughly means "Super Little Guy"), a Designer Toy super hero inspired by American comic books and Japanese manga equally. This 3.55-inch tall vinyl figure has three points of articulation — head and arms — and can be acquired in either: the color version, limited to 700 copies for €25 (approx. $33) each, or in the white monochrome (supa white) version, limited to 300 blank diy copies for €20 (approx. $26) each. The above pictured color version doesn't do much for me, honestly making me think of a Luche Libre rather than a super hero… but the potential with the blank one — some amazing renditions revealed below — is what makes me think that this piece has a fighting chance! These are available now from the Supermannala website.

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