Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Scott Wilkowski's "...Of All Ages II" series of custom releases at D-Con!

Scott Wilkowski returns with even more hand-crafted skeletal structures imbedded within a resin cast versions of notable Designer Toy platforms (always done with the original designer's approval, of course). Or, should I say, platform… since there's only one "normal" Wilkowski release in the works for this year's DesignerCon… Ron English's "Mousemask Murphy," limited to a total of 50 copies split between two colorways for $250 each. But that's not all…

Another part of this collection, entitled "…Of All Ages II," will be the "Labbit Skeleton" — just the internals for the Frank Kozik creation. Limited to 50 copies, these will only run you $50 each. Both pieces will be available at DKE Toys's D-Con Booth #124, the former at 11AM and the latter at 2PM.