Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brandt Peters x Tomenosuke - "Toxic Marshmallow" Stingy Jack release at Designer-Con 2012

It's that time... open the flood gates and let those Designer-Con exclusives in, and today the folks over at Circus Posterus unveiled the second colorway of Brandt Peters 'Stingy Jack' figure in the very delicious looking "Toxic Marshmallow" edition! These feature an assortment of colors... and is my favorite version thus far of this very Halloween themed character! It's a limited edition of 120 pieces... however 60 pieces will be available at the CP booth #500 during D-Con and the remaining 60 will then be split between Tomenosuke-syoten and Stranger Factory. There is no exact word on pricing, but look for these to retail for around $95 each!