Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Grass Hut imports Japanese strangeness to Portland!

Sometimes you get a press release that is so wonderfully weirdly written that you don't want to change a thing…
Hi guys.We are having a Pico Pico show this Thursday at Grass Hut. Online preview 6pm Wednesday pacific time.Who and what is a Pico Pico?We don't know... are these made under or above ground?In the sky?In a parallel universe?It's unclear.We do know this.These toys and paintings are whack.Each one is crafted by hand in resin and vinyl.Each figure is then hand painted.For some years now the Japanese peoples of Tokyo have sightings of a real Beckos roaming the streets, looking for dance clubs, and delicious flowers to eat.here is proof. this image was not enhanced or photoshopped or touched up in any way.Will we see the mighty Beckos in Portland? In the States?xoBwana.
I might've added a couple of links to help people decipher the above, but that's only because I fear that Atsushi "Picopico" Tomura isn't nearly as well known here in the States as he should be…

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