Monday, January 24, 2011

One of the coolest Mega Munnys you will ever see...

Sean aka Vinylassasin has been featured on HERE before for a series of custom Dunny's he created, but most recently he moved onto much bigger and more challenging projects... in fact that 18" Mega Munny is his largest custom to date and he absolutely killed it! Taking cues and inspiration from McEscher, Sean attacked this giant piece of vinyl using a geometrically/mathematic approach as he hooked together faces made from the outlines of each others shapes... in fact there are over 400 total faces and every square inch, even the bottoms are covered! Sean has been customizing for over 2 years now and has really just now started to realize his full potential... shoot this piece along has a whopping 140+ hours in it... and it shows. This is up for grabs and Sean is entertaining offers right now, so if your interested hit him up via djph1ction@yahoo.com! Great job man... truly an inspiration to see this work!