Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Audrey Kawasaki’s Next Time Limited Print

Once again Audrey Kawasaki is offering a chance for fans to vote for the next time limited art print. In short, those that have a Livejournal account can vote for the print. However, Ms. Kawasaki will take non-LJ user comments as a form of voting. If you all recall last year, ‘Two Sisters‘ was the selected print. This year, from the above selections, I’m hoping for the youkai related print, ‘Hyakki Yakou‘ or ‘Mezamer mae ni‘ to be the winning time limited print. The selected print will be up for grabs in exactly one hour sometime mid January. For those that wanna participate in determining the next time sensitive print, cast your vote or leave your comment HERE.

Source [Killahbeez]

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