Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A-Trak Grateful Bear by Kidrobot

Renowned DJ A-Trak and artist savant Dust La Rock drop this iconic piece of mind-melting plastic July 2. With serious swagger in his step, Grateful Bear stands 8-inches tall and equipped with a plethora of handy accessories for his psychedelic trip... This piece is going to be 8" tall and is going to have some nifty accessories including: Gold-plated necklace, leather cuff, cotton sweatband, snow-capped igloo, fitted baseball hat and wayfarers. Ther are going to be only 500 made, and will retail for around $50 each!

A-Trak is a Montreal-based DJ and turntablist and the youngest DJ in the world to win the DMC World DJ Championship. He was a part of DJ crew, Invisible Skratch Piklz, is now a member of The Allies and is the tour DJ for rapper Kanye West. He also runs 2 record labels, Audio Research and Fool's Gold Records.

Dust La Rock is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer and illustrator. He serves as art director for Fool's Gold Records, is designer-in-residence at Studio B, and has his hand in a number of low-brow and high-profile projects at any given time.