Igor Ventura's "Wobbly Dunny" custom series for Martian Toys's DCon 2016 Booth!

Igor Ventura has been hand-making stunningly creative and wonderfully executed custom 3-inch Dunny figures for years now, impressing everyone from his time as a core member of Most Wanted Series and the more recent Red Mutuca Studios. But it is finally time for him to spread his wings a bit more and release a solo custom Dunny series… Featuring what appears to be five pieces done in the pictured "Wobbly Dunny" design, it is a comedic play on those wobbly inflatable figures we remember from our youth — the ones that you punch and they spring back up. Where's the humor in the design? you ask. This fella used to work at a circus as a knife thrower, which — let's face it — is a perilous decision when you're just full of hot air! These won't be available until November's DesignerCon, when they will be located at the Martian Toys booth, but expect them to be found alongside some further stunning works…

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