Jalos's custom "Fluor Bear" Dunnys for DMX's "Evolution: What If…"

Spanish artist Jalos brings his well-known "Fluor Bear" street art style to the upcoming Dunny Hecho en México, or DMX, collective's "Evolution: What If…" blind box series. Short for "Fluorescent Bear," these 3-inch tall vinyl Dunny customs have a vibrant colorscheme on these wonderfully executed beasts, who are adorned with very manga-esque horns atop their heads. Of course, you might notice that one of these doesn't quite look like the others… yes, four of the five pieces he made are the "regular" version but the fifth one is a chase version, crowned with a bevy of the horns, a shock of flowing hair, and even a skull forehead decoration!

"Evolution: What If…" will feature several DMX mainstays — Avatar666, Cucaracha Borracha, El Hooligan, Jump Jumper Ant, Shiffa, and Yoste KMKZ — and special guests Charles Rodriguez, Gabriel Carpio, Jalos, and WuzOne! There will be three chases, made by Rodriguez, Jalos, and Yoste KMKZ, as well as one Golden Ticket prize made by Avatar666, though the Golden Ticket winner will just have to cover shipping costs of it. Sales of the $105 apiece blind boxes (shipping not included) will begin on June 30th, 2016 at 11 am Pacific time, with those interested simply emailing orders to dunnyhechoenmexico [at] gmail [dot] com, with a total of only 50 blind boxes available for sale!

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