STOMPSTOMPSTOMP!!! Huck Gee × Kidrobot's production 8" Mech Dunny with 3" Driver!

It appears that Huck Gee's character of Penelope (or Penny), last seen in Heavy Trooper armor in Gee's Post Apocalypse Dunny series, is bound to return shortly as part of a new production release by Gee with Kidrobot: an 8-inch tall Dunny mech piloted by a 3-inch tall Dunny of Penelope! While there has yet to be a full reveal of this fantastic design, the below pictured print — which was available at Gee's recent Boulder signing — certainly appears to include a diagram of how the figure will work and look: a massive skull-headed Dunny done in the heavy armor style with sword and shield accessories, on rather unique looking arms. We'll obviously report more information as we get it!

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