Exclusive Interview with Peap Tarr

Does the name Peap Tarr ring a bell? Well after you read this interview, it for sure will! Peap Tarr is another New Zealand based artists who is also great friends with Paul Shih! Peap's work is incredible and if you ever decide to take a trip to New Zealand, you can see his works in the lively decorated streets! With a traditional style and a touch of his own techniques, Peap has created a unique form that is recognizably his own! Now Peap the style!

1. How old are you and when is your birthday?
I just recently turned 33 on the 7th of April in the Chinese Calender I’m born in the year of the Dragon, the Fire dragon.

2. When did you realize that art was your calling?
I believe it has always been my calling, since I was a kid, when I was in school other kids would ask me to do drawings for them, sometimes I got a few dollars, or even some food hahah but I figured since than I could one day turn this into my living and slowly but surely this is coming true and has come true.

3. What are some major influences that we can find in your work?
I can say there are many things that influence my art and also people in my life that have given me guidance to be the artist I am today. But I would have to say allot of influence would come from Ancient Cambodian art and more traditional Asian Art, mixed that in with watching mass amounts of cartoons, I never copy other art, you know see a style and try and emulate that. I hate when I see the original style and than someone rips it off, in some cases if its done well and with respect or that artist in particular is good friends of the originator of that style and they have evolved beyond the masters of that style than that is Awesome and I totally respect that. But I hate seeing artist that you know from seeing their work that just pick up a magazine and try and run with what ever style because they think it looks cool, that really gets under my skin. Because they steal some else’s style without having any true knowledge on the meaning of what that artist went through to come up with that style. So what I do comes from the heart and also trying to get in touch with my roots.

4. What is currently on your MP3 playlist?

Wow, I got some much playing on my mp3 But lately I have been listening to allot of King Kapisi a local Samoan Hip Hop Mc from New Zealand not only his a dope MC but the man has beats for days, he is truly a talented at making beats to and Ill be working on his new album artwork coming out in September which has become a massive album launch combined with a launch of the album artwork that will have a collective of some truly talented artist involved. Also allot of Immortal Technique, allot of old school to like Zapp and Roger, Parliament and Early Jodeci ahaha I love 90’s RnB.

 "The "Attack of ILLAZILLA!" Roster
5. Favourite things to do on your free time? (That is if you every get a little break from your busy schedule)
I enjoy spending time with my Daughter and Wife and also catching up with friends eating good food, also catching up on movies with my daughter and I love spending time checking out new art books and magazines, pretty chill activity, good to get the mind into relax mode every now and than.

6. What can we be expecting from you in the near future?
The next big thing is a project with King Kapisi and Teremoana, which originally started out as a simple project doing album artwork for King Kapisi new album. But the more we talked the more ideas grew which is what happen when creative people get together and truly vibe so this incredible project was born which now involves not only my good friend Paul Shih who has been featured on your blog already, but also the incredible talents of Chaz Bojorquez, Angry Woebots, Mr Jago Retna, Jermeyville to just name a few of the massive international talents but also many Local NZ Graff Artist who would have to be the cream of the crop from New Zealand names such my good friend 2Tone, Askew and Phat One from TMD crew who took out the world title in the write for Gold in Germany last year.

This project will not only showcase some of the amazing talent from overseas but also New Zealand’s incredible roster of talent. But most of all show the world the incredible talent of King Kapisi so I’m very excited about this project. And between all that I’m planning on releasing some new shirts as well as a show with Angry Woebots and some new works with my true hero Chaz Bojorquez, so its shaping up to be a very busy year that’s going to need allot of good time management.

7. Got anything to say to your fans?

Believe in your dreams and they will come true, but on the flipside don’t sit around dreaming waiting for it to fall in your lap, but get out there and make those dreams come true. Stay positive don’t let setbacks make you give up but only act as fuel to make it really happen, learn from mistakes, its what makes you grow as an artist as well as a individual.

Now hopefully you know a little more on the artist known as Peap Tarr! If his work doesn't "WOW" you then I do not know what will! If your digging Peap's work drop him a line through his Myspace, Flickr, and Website!

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