Tuesday, December 24, 2013

REVEAL: The Secret Sixth Figure from Super7's "Alien" ReAction Figures line (based on the Ridley Scott film)!

Spotted on the Instagram feed of Nikejerk, the secret of what the sixth figure in Super7's ReAction Figures line based Ridley Scott's Alien is out of the bag. As you may recall, those that pre-ordered the entire set at this year's SDCC got a variety of incentives immediately (see HERE) but a partnership with Funko allowed a price decrease in the pieces (see HERE), so Super7 opted to reward those early pre-order makers with a completely exclusive secret sixth figure. And the secret sixth figure is… a second copy for the 3¾-inch classic style "Big Chap" (aka the Alien) action figure, except it is cast in translucent plastic! For those of us that were sadly unable to do the preorder, we can expect quite the search to track down these rare & beautiful gems.

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