Thursday, December 19, 2013

Erick Scarecrow × ESC Toy's Last Minute Holiday Releases… including an INSANELY cheap custom Dunny series!!!

Erick Scarecrow has announced a bounty of last minute releases, issues through his own ESC Toy, that will be on the wish list of all good Designer Toy lovin' boys and girls! Pictured above, the "LVL9999 Twin Camo Gray" custom 3-inch tall Dunnys, based on the previous 8-inch version from several years ago, are limited to a mere 15 pieces worldwide and cost only $40 apiece. There are two versions of this colorway, each of which comes with removable wings and spear accessories: red eyed and black eyed, which are packed randomly. Then the stunning "Zone 6" figure returns in an open edition! Yes, the "Monochrome Pink" colorway — pictured below left — of the 8-inch tall hand-painted resin piece has no set limitation… but that doesn't mean you should sleep on these $90 apiece gems, for they will surely disappear from availability all the same. And, finally, the "Clear Pink Melon Mini Soopa Jr" figure, below right, makes its debut. And these 4-inch tall hand-made transparent resin pieces can't be beat, especially at only $25 apiece! These should all be available right now in the ESC Toy online store!