Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SubUrban Vinyl NYCC 2013 exclusive "Street Spirit's" & "Vampire Droplet's" from Nemo!

 photo sub-urban-square-2-template-street-spirit-shadow.jpg
"The Street Spirit is an impressionistic styled piece with a lot of texture and a slightly rough style as an homage to all street artists who spend there nights spreading there messages and art." There are 2 versions of these Street Spirits available during NYCC 2013... the first is the shadow grey spirit and the second is the SubUrban Vinyl black spirit. Each stand 8.5" of rotocast resin which was sculpted by Nemo and cast by MattA*. There will only be 5 of each colorway available, and both will be available exclusively at the SubUrban Vinyl booth as part of the Tenacious Collective booth #208 for $175 a pop.

 photo sub-urban-square-2-template-blood-1.jpg
Next up are Nemos "Vampire Droplets". These 3" resin droplets were sculpted by Nemo and cast by Kris Dulfer of Kid Ink Industries,a nd for NYCC 2013, there will be 3 different versions to chose from. 10 "Clear Red" Vampire Droplets, 10 "Green" Zombie Vampire Droplets, and 10 "GID" Droplets. The red and green versions were all hand painted by Nemo and will go for $50 a pop and the GID will be just $30 each.