Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Run, don't walk… C.A.S.T.'s "¡Viva Occult!" Resin Figures are Available Now!

Adam Saul of Cop A Squat Toys (or C.A.S.T.) sculpted and resin cast these brand new figures, named "¡Viva Occult!" Standing roughly 5-inches tall, each one features the insanely interesting design of a hooded skull for one hand, a crystalline weapon for the other, and a… um… well… c'mon, that's a vagina for a face, right? Apparently limited to six one-of-a-kind copies, each one comes bagged with a screen printed header card in eye burning fluorescent ink! Available right now in the Cop A Squat Toys online shop for only $25 apiece.