Tuesday, October 1, 2013

REVEAL: "Stuffed Idol" from Scott Tolleson "Bronze" edition for upcoming solo show at Dragatomi!

 photo Scotttolleson-stuffedidol-spankystokes-dragatomi-resin.jpg
For Scott Tolleson's upcoming solo show at Dragatomi on the 12th of October, he is stepping out of his norm with a ton of new pieces that he sculpted himself... one of which is the above resin piece entitled "Stuffed Idol". This massive piece stands close to 8" tall, is a mixture of solid and rotocast resin and was cast by the folks over at Mana Studios in a brilliant bronze resin with gloss red eyes. This was created as a poke at pop culture art and it symbolizes being "stuffed" and how artists us these pop culture icons, like Mickey Mouse, as a crutch and lean on these figures for their art... a strong message, and something that I agree with! This will be released as an edition of 10 pieces and is truly an art figure and not a toy... or shall we call it a resin art multiple?!?! His body of work has really progressed... and it's going to be awesome to see what else he has in store for this upcoming show.

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