Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Carson Catlin's hordes of "Micro Reticulated Boxes" for Tenacious Toys at NYCC!

In addition to the previously announced full-size "Smurf Blood Reticulated Box," Carson Catlin's wonderful 1-inch square "Micro Reticulated Box" designs will be unleashed en masse upon New York Comic Con attendees! Starting at the top and going downwards, there will be: Gold (ltd. 15), Ayleen (9), Clear (6), Yellow (5), Black (9), Green (5), Frosted (4), and the rainbow-riffic Rubik (6)! Each and every one will be $10 apiece — except Gold & Rubik, which are $15 each — with limited quantities available at NYCC (noted in parenthesis after each edition). All of them will be available from Tenacious Toys's NYCC Booth #208, with the Gold one being available at the 3rd Annual Designer Toy Awards ceremony!