Monday, October 7, 2013

"Behemot" revealed and released at NYCC 2013!!!

 photo behemot-kaijumonster-helltoys-barbatos.jpg photo behemot-3.jpg
The pigs will reign, and hot damn... I would let them if I saw this best coming at me!!! Hell Toys shares with us today a very special release for NYCC 2013... and even though we are not getting the full reveal, we still get to see some really amazing WIP pictures and a partial teaser for their upcoming first resin figure entitled "Behemot"!!! This gigantic boar like humanoid was sculpted by Barbatos and stands almost 12" tall... wow, I really dig him!!! Limited to only 10 painted pieces and up for pre-order at booth #406 during NYCC for $300 a pop, you can see this beast in person and along with the painted version, there will also be a few dark grey blanks at the convention as well!