Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Frank Kozik x 3DRetro x Retro Outlaw - "Brother Fett" exclusive colorway teaser

 photo brotherfett.jpg
The Galactic Bounty Hunter Stuntman EVEL FETT made an appearance at SDCC 2013 this year thanks to the folks over at 3DRetro and Retro Outlaw... and now, Frank Kozik shows off his specific colorway release of this Evel Fett figure!!! Featuring a very strong Rasta vibe, this particular figure tentatively being called the "Brother Fett" or "FETT X" stands 12″ tall and has a removable cape and "swagger" stick. There is no word on when these will release, or how many there will be... but once we find out, you will be the first to know!