Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bashprojects gives Luke Chueh's "Target" a paint job… and a penis!

Bashprojects once again defies all expectations, creating a beautifully executed mingling of his normal customized style with some flowery street art-inspired paints… and all done on the magnificent "Target" figure, which itself was designed by Luke Chueh and released by Munky King. Is there a wonderful backstory to this one-of-a-kind objet d'art? Of course!
Luke wanted to know what Street Art was all about. So he asked Bash to take him with him on the street to teach him.
"Street Art isn't something that can be taught! You are the art…"
Bash took Luke to a wall and asked him to stand really quiet and close his eyes so that Bash could explain what he meant with "you are the art."
After standing there with his eyes closed for a hour he received a paintbrush with black ink…
"Now you can finish the outline for me."
Luke opened his eyes and finally understood… he IS the art!
The 10.5-inch tall articulated vinyl figure — with two accessories — has been seamlessly sculpted upon as well as completely hand-painted, while the massive 12-inch tall resin cast diorama/base has also been finely hand-detailed to match. This unique set is available now in Bashprojects's online shop for €300 (approx. US$400)!