Wednesday, July 10, 2013

UNKL x Toynami - Exclusive SDCC 2013 “Hamz” Unipo plush figure, and more teasers!!!

 photo unkl-toynami-plush-BeeBeez-hamz.jpg
Even though the folks over at UNKL have really tamed back their SDCC presence since they got picked up by Toynami, they still continue to release items here and there, and for SDCC 2013, you have a chance at their very first plush figure!!! Exclusive to the Toynami booth #3229 is the first plush from the fellas over at UNKL, a UniPo from the “Krit’rz” Series named “Hamz”... and although I love me some UNKL, I wish the Unipo didn't have the cat face... maybe just the yellow part where the black cat face is, kinda like a space visor, that would have been fine by me. UNKL also sent over an image of "BeeBeez" who will not be for sale, but is at the factory currently and will be out a little later this year. So, in any case, if you are going to SDCC, you can get an exclusive UNKL plush figure... rad!