Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Skinner x Paul Kaiju x Lulubell Toys - Ultrus Minor & Gangleas Man sofubi duo release at SDCC 2013!!!

 photo skinner-paulkaiju-spankystokes-sdcc2013-ULTRUS-MINOR-GANGLEAS-MAN.jpg
It's been teased over many social networks, but now... now we have all the juicy details as Skinner teamed up with Lulubell Toys to release a cool mini-duo set of sofubi figures at SDCC 2013 this year... and the best part, both of them were sculpted by the monster master, Paul Kaiju!!! Dubbed "Ultrus Minor"( ULTRUS BOG's minion supreme) and "Gangleas Man", (minion of a hidden lord who will be making an appearance in the future!)... these creatures of the dark are ready to wreck havoc on the halls of SDCC!!! Retailing for just $55 a set, Skinner mentions that he and Paul will be hanging and signing headers for those who want to come snatch up this pair at 11am on Friday at the Lulubell Toys booth #5045... see you there!