Thursday, July 11, 2013

REVEAL: Jeff Lamm × Unbox Industries's "Greasebat & Friends Gummi Play Set!"

Spotted recenty at the Taipei Toy Festival, we now have confirmation of the previously announced "Greasebat & Friends Gummi Play Set" designed by Jeff Lamm and released by Unbox Industries. These 2.5- to 3-inch interpretations of Greasebat, M5 Bravo, Spike Wad, and Stee-Gar are only available together, as a set, and are expected to make their American debut at San Diego Comic-Con (July 18-21st, 2013), through Monster Worship's booth. After SDCC, the remaining copies will be available online. WARNING: According to Lamm, "the metal molds used to make them are apparently limited use and once the molds wear out, the toys will not be made again."