Monday, July 1, 2013

"Deadbeet Custom Show" remaining pieces up for grabs now!!!

 photo deadbeet-1.jpg
Alright folks, the time has come... all the remaining Deadbeets from last weekends awesome "Deadbeet Custom Show" held at Toy Art Gallery are up for grabs HERE right now... and there are some amazing pieces still available, including mine :-) The show was really fantastic, and it was fantastic to see all the artists interpretations on Scott Tolleson's groovy looking beet! Head on over now to pick up some of the coolest custom vinyl pieces around!
Oh, and if you were unable to make it to the show, the folks over at JDVVC took a really cool video of the show, with a few interviews in it... including a lame one of me... hahaha. They cut out some tom-foolery that Scott and I were having, but that's a good thing. Enjoy.