Friday, June 14, 2013

"Victorbrass The Primocoggler" Update: Optional Weathering & DIY Versions!

I reviewed the new cold cast brass "Victorbrass The Primocoggler" mask the other day and, it appears, the artist took my words to heart… Not only did he clarify the description — explaining that Victorbrass is a cog and gear artist whose "mask hides and protects his identity, for if people knew what was beneath the mask, then… well i will leave that for your imagination" — but also changing the previously shown version to the "regular edition" by adding a "weathered edition" option (pictured above, in the middle). Personally, I think the rust and patina adds a little more depth to surface and overall fell of the piece. But you can choose which you prefer when you order from Collect & Display for £20 (approx. $31) apiece HERE. Also available, should you want to weather your own copy, is a resin cast DIY edition for £15 (approx. $23.50) each from HERE.