Friday, June 7, 2013

*UPDATE* Circus Posterus x Cardboard Spaceship - "Wandering Misfits" mini-figure series!

 photo 945092_196053950549142_1414308551_n.jpg photo WM1.jpg photo 969839_195812060573331_822124980_n.jpg
Back in December of 2012, we initially announced that Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters had teamed up with sculpting talents Shinbone Creative to produce at blind boxed resin figure series entitled "Wandering Misfits". We also found out that this is being produced by the folks over at Cardboard Spaceship... and today, along with the revamp of the CS site, they added a new little banner image showing off a few more sculpts from this series including "Dexter", and "Ink-Slinger #5"! There is still no word on when the release is happening... but maybe we will see some prototypes at SDCC 2013!