Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Disarticulators at Toy Mafia, plus the reveal of their Madball of Death!

 photo madball1.jpg
Clutter's June Toy Mafia event features a line-up that will have designer toy collector's drooling… And the first releases to be revealed are a variety of ultra-limited exclusives from Tru:Tek and his regular cohorts! June 22nd will showcase the debut release of the Madball of Death, the newest collaboration between The Amazing Zectron & Tru:Tek with header card artwork by Zectron and the legendary Ralph Niese!

 photo madball2.jpg
Inspired by AmToys' iconic '80s line, '50s sci-fi, and a dash of neo-kaiju, these bouncy polyurethane rubber cast pieces split into two halves (joined by neo-magnets) to reveal a tentacled parasite inside! Limited to only 11 copies worldwide: 5 in black w/pink parasite, 5 in pink w/black parasite, and only 1 chase done in mixed parts with marbled insert!

 photo kesh-e-promo1.jpg
An exclusive run of five Masters of the Universe-inspired Kesh-E-Face figures by The Disarticulators, cast in black keshi-style polyurethane rubber each with a pink head. The heads are held in place by a neo-magnet, making them not only detachable but able to rotate, allowing you to show off any of the figure's three different face designs (a la Man-E-Face! Each figure comes carded on an exclusive ToyMafia backer design from the Disrticulators' Tru:Tek.

 photo hustle-toy-mafia.jpg
And the H.U.S.T.L.E. 'Old vs. New' ToyMafia 2-Pack, limited to only 5 sets, features the fan favourite Mekamess (designed by Nama-Niku) from Wave 1 coupled with the upcoming Wave 2 figure Kamen Fighter (designed by BigManToys)! Cast in a random assortment of pink, black, and marbled, no two sets are alike! Each comes packed in an authentic gacha capsule with a Disarticulator button and insert.

Source [Toy Mafia Press]