Saturday, June 22, 2013

Super7's ReAction Figures: Ridley Scott's Alien "Free Bases" at SDCC!

As Super7 prepares to storm San Diego Comic-Con, bringing hordes of goodies, including the debut of their ReAction Figures line of licensed toys from Ridley Scott's Alien film, one of their best offerings will be a gift for the fans: Free Bases. Hmm, is there a way I can make it NOT sound like I'm talking about freebasing crack cocaine or something? How about Free Action Figure Stands! Yes, if you're going to produce an entire line of 3¾" figures, you need to have a hole in the figure's foot… which means there has to be a peg for it somewhere! And here it is: Super7 created these bases in the shape of the figure line's logo with said peg right there to be used! And, if you want one, all you need to do is swing by Super7's SDCC Booth #5245 and sign up for their mailing list to receive an absolutely FREE copy of this sweet figure base.

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