Thursday, June 27, 2013

Martin Hsu × VTSS Toys's 2nd release of "Dragon Boy" at SDCC 2013!

Okay, so the above painted commissioned piece of Martin Hsu's Dragon Boy and Blacky characters happily flying through the air alongside Harley Quinn (former Gotham City Siren and current Suicide Squad member) has little to do with the VTSS Toys vinyl released version of the Dragon Boy, it seemed strangely appropriate… since the sold out "OG Colorway" of the figure will be having a 2nd release just in time for San Diego Comic-Con 2013! Like the original run, the 2nd release will be limited to 300 copies of the 7.5-inch tall figure for $85 apiece. For those unable to attend the convention, Hsu is taking a limited number of reservations right now by e-mailing him at info [at] martinhsu [dot] com.