Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kuso Vinyl x Rotobox - Minicel series debut at SDCC 2013

 photo minicel-kusovinyl-rotobox-sdcc2013.jpg
We posted about the release of the DIY Minicel figure drop HERE which will be at SDCC 2013... well now we have info about the first designed series of this cute little vinyl figure from Kuso Vinyl and Rotobox. Standing at just 4" tall, these will be blind box, limited to 500 pieces total. So here is the deal... a single blind box contains either "Minicel" or "Minifah"... but mixed into the bunch is chase colorways of both figures. Minicel comes with 3 guns (1 handgun, 1 sniper, and 1 rifle), and Minifah comes with 2 future katanas. Articulated at head and arms. Retail is just $15, and will available at the Kuso Vinyl booth #5642. These are really cool, but do they need to be blind box??? I don't think so... what do you all think! Do you feel as though if they released all 4 versions of these figures, with a price point of $15 a piece, most would get all 4?