Monday, June 17, 2013

alto x Creo Design's "Boxen of Oxen" & customized Little Ox figures!

If you're a fan of the alto designed "Little Ox" resin figure produced by Creo Design, then you might have been mighty disappointed by the slew of new colorways made exclusively available at ToyCon UK 2013 (see HERE)… Well, those four mix-and-match colorways — each limited to 10 piece editions — now have their remaining stock up and available in alto's online shop! Each priced at £25 (approx. $40), these "Boxen of Oxen" colorways probably won't last long… And neither will the remaining Little Ox one-off customs from ToyCon UK, made by such amazing artists as Mr Lister, Lisa Rae Hansen, Sneaky Raccoon, RunDMB, UME Toys, and DMS, which are also available now in alto's online shop for anywhere from £40-£80 (approx. $63-$126) each.