Saturday, May 11, 2013

Daniel Fleres's Swanicorn turns 1! Celebrate with a release & giveaway!

Hard to believe that only last year we all had a Swanicorn-shaped hole in our hearts that needed filling, but it's true… Tomorrow (May 12th, 2013) marks the celebration of Daniel Fleres's Swanicorn turning a full year old! And what would a Swanicorn party be without, well, Swanicorns? So Fleres has specially bred three brand new beauties (pictured below) for you to "oh," "ah" and click "Add To Cart" over: Spring Rider Swanicorn, Swanicorn Bee, and Little Mermaid Swanicorn! But that's not all Fleres has in store for everyone: on his Instagram feed he'll be doing a giveaway of a Breed-Your-Own Swanicorn (known by some as a Blank DIY Swanicorn)! So give his Instagram a follow and we're anticipating that the three one-off breeds will appear in Fleres's web store around 12 Noon Pacific time tomorrow (May 12th, 2013).