Monday, April 8, 2013

WickedMasterMind's "Martian Masquerade" custom Micro Munny series!

The sculpting work of WickedMasterMind continues to impress me. Take, for example, the above pictured "Martian Masquerade" blind box custom series he's created: each one has a pristinely crafted masquerade mask and matching tuxedo. Now, you might be thinking that it these elements aren't that impressive, but this is done on Micro Munnys! Yes, the tiny wee little platform! Very detailed work for such a tiny platform and quite impressive, I must say. I do wish, though, that his paint work wasn't as color blocked, but that's a personal call… Regardless, these fantastic pieces will be available today (April 8th, 2013) by 1PM Pacific time in his online shop for only $30 each!