Monday, March 25, 2013

Super7's delicious trio of WonderCon 2013 releases

 photo super7-wondercon.jpg
Another WonderCon 2013 release... how about another 3!!! Super7 just announced that they will be making the trek from San Francisco to Los Angeles and with them they will be bringing three new colorways of some of their most adorable creations... ever!!! First up is the Pocket-Sized “Glowing Frost” Rose Vampire! Cast in Glow-in-the-Dark vinyl, this 3” tall figure will retail for $25 each! Next is the delightfully delicious “Happy Cola” mini-mascot MUMMY BOY. Featuring translucent vinyl with brown sprays... it really gives the goodness feel of GUMMI COLA candy... these are just $25 each! Lastly is the “Midnight Snack” Milton. Cast in glow-in-the-dark vinyl and featuring pink and purple sprays... this little guy will feed your sweet tooth any day of the week! This figure, just like the rest will retail for only $25 a pop!