Monday, March 25, 2013

Rotofugi x Ferg - "Squadt Assembly" pop-up shop and exhibition 04/05/2013

 photo squadt.jpg
We had initially touched on an upcoming show that was going to be the followup to the most amazing "Medium War" exhibition at Rotofugi in 2011 where Ferg brought the heat with his creation of custom Squadts... well now, now it's your turn to create as Rotofugi has officially announced "Squadt Assembly"!!! This is a pop-up store and exhibit by Playge (Ferg x Threezero) hosted at Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago from April 5th-28th, 2013... but here is the kicker... all of you have the chance to choose from a library of limited edition parts, clothing and accessories designed by FERG and manufactured by Threezero exclusively for this show to build your own custom Squadt figure...WHAT?!?!?! A crazy concept, but sooooo cool! Essentially what you will get is a pieced together, 1-off, custom Squadt that you yourself get to make!
If you can't make it to the event, the remaining specimens and accessories will be made available for online building via a lottery system. To enter the lottery for a chance to build a figure online please fill out the lottery entry form HERE. On top of all that goodness, Ferg will have his own customs as well as merchandise on hand.... which will make for an amazing, fully interactive event!