Friday, March 1, 2013

"Pillaging Pop Culture" with Task One & Tenacious Toys... figures revealed, kinda...

 photo taskone-tenacioustoys.jpg
We teased you all a few weeks ago HERE with some Muppet Show customs of Beaker and Fozzie created by the ever so talented Task One for the upcoming 3-inch Dunny series dubbed "Pillaging Pop Culture, Series 1"... and today we are getting a glimpse at the actual lineup for this release... and WOW... well, kinda... as we can just see the silhouettes of the figures, but from that we can see some familiar outlines!  All of these figures, plus a ton more details about the Tenacious Toys released blind box artist series will be revealed shortly... until then, who's silhouette excited you the most?!?!