Monday, March 25, 2013

Fugi.me x Robotic Industries's bring you the living dead, the just plain dead & the never alive for ToyConUK!

The bounties of beautiful designer toys available from ToyConUK just continues to grow, this time courtesy of Fugi.me and Robotics Industries! As pictured above, their freshly made zombie arms known as "The Rising" returns with it's FINAL resin run release, limited to a mere 5 copies all done in the exposed bone fingertip (chase) version and cast in putrid purple. These 4-inch decomposing designer toys will only be available be a lottery system, giving everyone a chance to snag a free ticket from booth throughout the convention day with a drawing of the five names lucky enough to buy these £30 (approx. $45) each pieces! But there are also some wonderful first come, first serve items for those that were dedicated and arrived bright & early:
There will be the "Ethan MK1" (above right) custom Mini Munny figures, limited to a total of 6 copies in 3 different color schemes. Standing roughly 5-inches tall, these brilliant looking science experiments gone right feature resin cast heads with moveable mouths! Wow! And for only £45 (approx. $68.50) each! Double Wow! And finally we have the brand new figure, "Dead Dog" (above left), of which only 5 copies will be available, in each their own colors, for £40 (approx. $60) each… but fear not, friends, I'm sure (fingers crossed) that Dead Dog will be available more readily in the near future.