Saturday, March 16, 2013

"B64000" resin robo from Tesselate

 photo B6400_with_desk.jpg
How about a new resin robo from Tesselate? Sounds good to me, as he has just announced his latest crew member... a smaller member of the ED-IT family called "B64000". This rad resin robo is limited to just 2 pieces in colorway that you see above... oh, and each figure is hand cast, painted, and finished by Tesselate! "The core ED-IT DJ's would struggle to put on a show without their trusty friends the B6400 series. Once confined to audio management of human concerts and internet broadcasts, these bots joined the ED-IT team and have put their skills to good use. From the very initial concept of a new show, through the to the final beat produced, B6400 are watching and tweaking via their expansive plethora of equipment." These figures are set to go up for grabs HERE this coming Tuesday, March 19th at 12noon PST for $105 a pop!

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