Thursday, February 7, 2013

Warui Inu "FETCH" edition... ahhh yes, a head!!!

We teased you all HERE a few weeks back with the latest, and always mysterious, Kaiju Coup release dubbed "FETCH"... and today we are seeing the full reveal with release details emerge! Limited to just 6 pieces, the "FETCH" edition is a Kaiju Coup / Medicom Toy production in white vinyl made in Japan. The 6 1/2" high bad dog comes with his hand cast resin FETCH accessory, a severed human head, both sculpt hand painted by Kaiju Coup... creepy cool!!! Oh, and just like all of these releases... this is in the lottery format! For the chance to purchase one of the Warui Inu "FETCH" edition / US release of 6 pieces send your NAME, ADDRESS and EMAIL address to: kaijucoup@gmail.com The ENTRY DEADLINE is Wednesday February 13th... and if you are picked, the figure will set you back $220!