Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hoakser's "HugLife: Sadface" custom 10-inch Popobe Bear!

Back in his misspent youth, Hoakser painted a wall with a bear that had a HugLife tattoo, which stuck with him so he kept painting it. Then it evolved that he'd have some of his other characters holding stuffed bears with the HugLife tat. And now, years later, he revisits the concept rather peripherally with the above pictured "Sadface" custom 10-inch Popobe figure. While the sculpting looks great on this piece and the final result is spot on, I can't help thinking that Hoakser was trying to look like an UME Toys piece here; it just feels more like an UME to a Hoakser piece, to me. I must also admit that the HugLife element — a simple scrawl on his backside — feels more like an afterthought than an original purpose. That said, you can find Sadface for £59.99 (approx. $93) in the HugLife shop, alongside a variety of amazing modified plush figures.