Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Don P's "Der HammerHai" custom hammerhead shark Dunny!

"Der Hammerhai" (German, trans. "The Hammerhead Shark") is another fantastic custom 3-inch Dunny from the hands and mind of Don P, obviously a sort of companion and follow-up to the recently revealed "Der Hai" piece. Much like the previous military shark piece, this one obviously required an extensive amount of work to sculpt into the exquisitely detailed Hammerhead Shark in German-esqe military regalia. I love the little details, like the forward-facing skull on the headband which is reminiscent of the Totenkopf (the insignia of the 3rd SS Division) without precisely being it… as if this were from some alternate universe in which Nazis were anthropomorphic man-eating sharks!