Friday, February 8, 2013

Documentary about Studio UAMOU needs your help!

Tokyo Visual Arts film graduate Niko Lanzuisi's Studio Donbe wants to release a series of short documentaries sharing unprecedented insight into the finest toy designers in Japan. To launch this "Tokyo x Creatives" series, Lanzuisi has filmed over 5 hours of footage involving the lovely Ayako Takagi and her iconic Studio UAMOU. In order to pare the film down to an intense 20 minute documentary, the work still requires editing, sound mixing, color correction and an English translation/subtitles, which will all cost roughly another €1,000 (approx. $1350). To raise these addition funds, Lanzuisi has created an IndieGoGo Campaign, from which you can secure a HD digital download of the complete documentary prior to the official launch for a mere €10 (approx. $13.40). Go HERE now and help this amazing designer toy documentary series take it's first steps…