Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Toothy" custom Android by Deth Becomes You... is seriously RAD!!!

One of the cool things about running a blog about designer toys is that you stumble across artists that you have never heard of... that is exactly what happened when SS.com reader Zac aka @abstractthemind asked us to check out a custom Android figure... which linked us to that hideous monstrosity that you see above... HOW COOL!!! Created by artist Deth Becomes You, that rad custom Android titled "Toothy" features some insane sculpted zombie parts... and check out those teeth, eyes, and tongue!!! Deth Becomes You mentions that he does special effects artwork, and started doing makeup applications and prosthetics but that changed to creating masks and then full size monster suits. He also mentions that his plan has been to bring horror to Android... as he loves Android, but it was missing some serious horror and that lead him to create numerous customs on the Android platform. He has a website HERE, an Etsy HERE, and can be followed on Twitter HERE... and he mentions that this is already sold but if any of you want to have one created in the same vein, he customizes these for really good prices... I mean REALLY GOOD!!! So if you are interested, contact him via deth@dethbecomesyou.com about commissions... and tell him Spanky sent ya!