Thursday, January 31, 2013

TEASER #3: Pause Designs x Kevin Gosselin's upcoming collaboration!

After initially revealing a collaboration tag and then glimpsing what could potentially be the wooden crate packaging, we get another turnaround shot of the wooden crate hyping the upcoming Pause Designs and Kevin Gosselin collaboration. The last reveal clearly had the Pause Designs logo, a fragile glass icon, a KG (for Kevin Gosselin) and the double "This Side Up" arrows as well as a "DANGER" warning with two "Open Here" arrows (those elements were completely obscured in darkness). The above teaser, for those familiar, is a representation of Eric Pause's famed "Chainsaw Panda" character, a panda bear with two chainsaws for arms, which he crafted into a single 8-inch custom Dunny early in his career. Could this secret project involve the return of this classic design to toy form? I guess we'll have to wait until the February 21st, 2013 release date to find out…
Though, in possibly unrelated news, Gosselin is currently auctioning off an AP copies of his Most Wanted Series 3 custom Dunny design, Rock Golem with Penelope, and "a little something extra will be placed in the box for the lucky bidder, an original 3" resin toy." While Gosselin is no stranger to working with resin, I don't recall any 3-inch figures made out of the material by him; could this be referring to the collaboration?