Thursday, January 24, 2013

Patrick Wong's "Lose Yourself" Design 10-Doh Contest Entry!

As an entry into the previously announced Squid Kids Ink contest to design a Series 2 "10-Doh" figure, Patrick Wong delivers this "Lose Yourself" concept. Between the title of the piece and the name on the label ("Super Hyper Real 3"), this Super Mario Bros. parody pokes fun at the fact that the world within the game can become more real to those playing than the outside world is. As Wong states, " "I remember playing Super Mario Bros as a kid and looking back now as an adult that nostalgia I feel for the old characters, levels, powerups, all those things - suggest an escape from the regular world. The world where I had to do homework and obey my parents. For me, combining the idea of the Hyperreal with Super Mario Bros. makes a collision of these two "pretend" worlds and in a way brings it back to adults, the people who buy designer toys." The contest is accepting submissions until the end of January 2013, so who knows who will win!