Friday, January 18, 2013

Francesco de Molfetta x FLABSLAB - "Histary" Darth Vader Sphinx... more info!!!

Posted up a few weeks back HERE, we now have solid details on this amazing Egyptian style sphinx with Darth Vader's head affixed atop. Designed by Francesco de Molfetta and produced by FLABSLAB, this resin figure is entitled "Histary" and the particular version that you see above, it's limited to 66 pieces because of the famous or infamous order 66 issued by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine (Star Wars geeks rejoice)!!! It comes packed in an exquisite engraved collectors box, and is sure to be the beacon on most all collections! This is going to drop this April for $380 a pop. Interested? You can contact mastermind@flabslab.com to reserve your copy today!

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