Thursday, January 3, 2013

Forces of Dorkness Birthday Sale!!!

Jason Chalker said it best when talking about this sale..."Can't wait 'til you turn 100. Everything will be free!" Unfortunately The Forces of Dorkness (a.k.a. Scott Kinnebrew) is only turning 39 on 1/4/2013, but for the rest of you this means that you can get 39% off everything in his shop HERE by using coupon code HBDAYTOME - Oh, and not only do you get 39% off, but you also will get FREE shipping anywhere in the US. This is a limited time offer and will end sometime on the 5th when Scott wakes up and voids the coupon code. Not familiar with Scott's work? Do yourself a favor and follow The Forces of Dorkness on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE, or just hit up his site HERE!

Source [FOD Press]