Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snowmen, Reindeer, and Elves... oh my!!!! Custom Christmas themed Kidrobot bots by Salamander

Local San Francisco artist and a vinyl collector who goes by the alias 'Salamander' is in the Christmas spirit... and why not seeing as it's just 1 week away from this post. Well, he went and customized a whole slew of Kidrobot Bots, all of which feature the Christmas theme! You can snag up the entire set of 3 bots which includes the "Elf", "Reindeer", and "Snowman" - all of which look quite spectacular - for only $75... yup, all 3 for $75! A steal if you ask me!!! Head on over HERE now to pull the trigger on this smokin hot holiday deal, as I don;t see these lasting very long!