Monday, December 17, 2012

Rotofugi x Brian Morris - The Lake Monsters Dredge "Bone" edition... up for grabs!!!

Holy smokes... I had totally forgotten about this figure and then BAMMMMMMM, a new version of Brian Morris' rad "Dredge" Lake Monster - produced by Rotofugi and sculpted by Chris Ryniak and Joe Somers - pops up in this stunning "Bone" edition!!! Dredge stands 8" tall, has five points of articulation (two arms/tentacles, two horns and head) and the head is on a ball joint so posing that perfect menacing look is easy! This particular version features an ivory vinyl with a two-tone brown paint treatment... my favorite version so far. It really pulls out all the details in the sculpt... awesome!!! Go pick yours up HERE for just $60!